Should The Public And The NFL Give Ray Rice A Second Chance ?!

Former Baltimore Ravens running back, Ray Rice says that he is "really hopeful for a second chance." Rice, who was cut from his former NFL team last year after he was captured on camera punching his wife in an elevator. Rice explains in an ESPN exclusive interview that NFL teams are hesitant to take a chance on him because of the past action that occurred last year.

Rice, who is 28 years old, also explains how he is a changed man, as he puts it he is a "Rehabilitated man". He elaborates mostly in the video on how he thinks everyone deserves a second chance, to show how they have changed and matured from past incidents. He mentions in the interview "We do live in a society where public opinion's matters, and I totally respect that." He also mentioned "Domestic violence is real. It happens every 12 seconds as we speak. ... I think that, that issue alone with me in my situation, having the video, which puts a lot in perspective. That vivid memory, obviously, that was the worst decision I've ever made in my life." Rice continues in the interview explaining that the worst part of the whole situation was not helping his wife up off the floor; instead he just left her there. He mentions that that is the part that replay's over and over in his head.

So the question is, should the public and the NFL give Ray Rice a second chance? In my opinion YES! I think that people are always preaching about giving an individual a second chance. However, when the opportunity presents itself people are so set in their ways that they forget to give a second chance. I do understand that the NFL is using Rice as an example to show that they have no tolerance for domestic violence. However, the NFL has shown that they do give second chances, in such cases as Mick Vick, Riley Cooper, and Greg Hardy just to name a few.

 Everyone deserves a second chance because there is not one man walking on this earth that is perfect. We have all done something in our lifetime that we are not necessarily proud of. However, how we learn and grow from that past situation and the actions that we take moving forward; is what should be the defining factor for us moving forward. 

Written & Edited by: Tajay Ashmeade

Video by: AJ+