Tom Brady is by far one of the greatest football players to ever play the game of football lets be honest but is his reputation being tarnish. The 37 year old, who has lead the New England Patriots to four Superbowl's is being accused of knowing that Patriot Officials were deflating footballs to make it easier for him to handle in a very crucial playoff game in January.

The New York Daily News Sated "that Brady is facing suspension over the scandal. If confirmed, he would be the highest profile player ever to have his career put on hold." The win of that playoff Game in January took the New England Patriots to another Super Bowl appearance, which they also won; not to mention that Brady also was named MVP. 

The legendary quarterback has denied the allegations made against him, but whether Brady is found innocent or guilty this scandal will still affect his name and legacy forever. New England fans feel like this is a conspiracy against their patriots and will not stand for it; some fans have been speaking out. Telling the press to worry more about domestic violence, and these types of things happen all the time in sports. 
With all that is going on with this scandal one thing is for sure, this will follow Brady for the rest of his life and career. Even though time heals all, and people might forgive Brady; I do not think they will forget.

Written & Edited By Tajay Ashmeade